The easiest way to manage your social platforms.


Social media management

Through a detailed look into what your audience is trying to say through your social platforms, we will provide informative feedback to keep the high level of engagement your audience expects.

A consistently high standard will be maintained across all your social platforms, representing a united front for your consumers to connect with.

The progress of your social platforms will be documented to your company through detailed monthly reports that will show the level of engagement with your audience, and track the performance of each of your profiles, giving you a new perspective on the social progress your company makes.

Social media advertising


Social media provides you with an unparalleled ability to tailor all of your marketing specifically to your target audience to ensure that every dollar counts.

My Social Solutions provides you the opportunity to create an ‘online billboard’, that targets your consumers with specific filters, whether that be through location, age, interests, or gender.

Through targeted advertising your audience will experience an engagement that no other form of advertising has to offer, providing your company with an effective and consistent voice.